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Novozymes – Research Triangle Park, North Carolina
R&D Information Scientist, November 2014 – Present

Novozymes is a world leader in enzyme and industrial biotechnology and was currently ranked by Science magazine as the world’s best employer within biotech, pharma, and related industries.  As the R&D Information Scientist at the Research Triangle Park location, I serve as a liaison between Information Services department and Research and Development departments in the United States; we well as collaborate with the global Information Services department.

In this role I collaborate with research scientists to gather appropriate literature and data based on custom research projects.  I assist with any access and use concerns regarding research materials.  I assist with patent searching and freedom to operate literature reviews.  Additionally, I am the lead information scientist on a usage statistics project in order to assist with budgetary discussions, as well as provide leverage for vendor negotiations.  And I am lead information scientist on revamping the science watch alert system that monitors and provides up-to-date scientific research.

Drexel University – Metadata Research Center
MetaDataCAPT’L, Research Assistant, April 2014-Present
The Metadata Capital Initiative (MetaDataCAPT’L) is exploring methods for quantifying metadata cost and value over time. Metadata capital targets metadata as an asset containing contextual knowledge about data content. The MetaDataCAPT’L initiative is supported by the National Consortium for Data Science (NCDS) Faculty Fellows program.

For this work I collaborated with researchers from the NIEHS Viral Vector Core laboratory to identify ways to quantify metadata value within their current workflow. Additionally I collaborated with researchers from RPI International identify ways to quantify metadata value within a Self-Generated Health Information context.  I also co-authored a number of research articles and presentations for conferences.

DataONE Preservation and Metadata Working Group
Research Associate, August 2012 – Present

The objectives of the working group were 1) to create and periodically to review DataONE preservation strategies and 2) to assist DataONE in recording and maintaining metadata to support discovery, life-cycle management, citation, and general interoperation.  The working group created a community online meta-dictionary available at Also see,

CODATA, Young Scientists Working Group
Core-Team Member, 2012 – Present
The CODATA Early Career Data Professionals (ECDPs) Working Group exists to ensure a structural and sustained integration of the activity of early career scientists within CODATA.  It is self-evident that the perspective from all stages of career trajectory is essential for an organisation that seeks to promote data science and capacity for data management and reuse. The ECDPs work within CODATA to improve the effectiveness of the organization and ensure continual benefit to scientific data communities around the world.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – Metadata Research Center
DARI Core Team Member, August 2011 – Present
Data-At-Risk Inventory (DARI) is a project of the Committee on Data for Science and Technology (CODATA) Data at Risk Task Group (DARTG) to create an inventory of valuable scientific data that are at risk of being lost to posterity. Funding: UNC-Global Education Center (2011-2012), SILS-Carnegie Fund (2012), CODATA (2010-2014)

Summer Intern, Components of Successful Metadata Registries, Summer 2012
This was a summer internship project where I worked with several other scholars on accessing components of successful metadata registries.  This work had multiple phases including an 1) evaluation of the literature, 2) an evaluation of current registries, and 3) a survey of scientists regarding their registry use and views of registries.

ESIP, The Federation of Earth Science Information Partners
Earth Science Collaboratory, Student Fellow,  May 2012 – May 2013
This was a year long fellowship program where I assisted the Earth Science Collaboratory group by 1) supporting the cluster’s use of collaborative technologies, 2) documenting monthly telecoms, and 3) documenting Summer and Winter Meetings. Additionally I conducted a study that assessed trust, access, and skills of data reuse within the ESIP member community and shared the results of this research with the ESIP community.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – Closing the Digital Curation Gap
Summer Research Assistant,  June 2011 – August 2011
This was a summer research position where I created decision trees for information practitioners by reading and identifying literature that was most relevant in regards to data management and scientific data.  Additionally, I identified and created use cases to use as examples of best practices for data management and scientific data.

DigCCurr II: Extending an International Digital Curation Curriculum, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Project Manager (August 2011 -May 2013) and Doctoral Fellow (August 2010 -August 2011)
I was the project manager (2011-2013) and a doctoral fellow (2010-2011) for this IMLS project.  I was responsible for organizing and managing projects and fellows, including their job duties, roles, and individual assignments.  I was the key contact for both instructors and participants of DigCCurr Professional Institute.  Additionally, I created curriculum for DigCCurr Professional Institutes.  Additioanlly, I drafted IMLS interim reports and final reports

University of Iowa – Digital Library Services
Graduate Research Assistant January 2010 – August 2010

I was responsible for collecting data and writing the interim and final reports for IMLS Digital Libraries Fellowship Grant.  Additionally, I created tutorials in Adobe Captivate to guide users of Iowa Digital Library and the University of Iowa – Iowa Research Online.  I also assisted int eh redesign of the Digital Library Services website based on feedback from users and stakeholders of site.

University of Iowa – IMLS Digital Libraries 
IMLS Digital Libraries Graduate Fellow, June 2008 – December 2009

For this position we followed a clinical rotation model; contributed to digital libraries projects on a semester basis.  I developed a program of virtual readings in Second Life by collaborating with the International Writing Program, Information Technology Services, and the School of Library and Information Science.  Additionally, I collaborated with the University of Iowa Applications and Web Services Department on the redesign of the Iowa Digital Library website.  Furthermore, I updated U.S. Government Posters Digital Collection by scanning, uploading, creating and correcting metadata, and cataloging digital images.  Lastly, I created and updated metadata for audio recordings for the Traveling Culture: Circuit Chautauqua in the Twentieth Century Digital Collection.

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